Travel Buddy Teapot Review

The Biking Buddy is a tea biking mug so you can yield your tea on the alley with you. It’s fabricated of plastic, with a infuser bassinet that sits central the mug, acceptance you to abrupt tea on the go.

How does the Biking Buddy work? It’s absolutely simple. The basal of the mug can be abashed so that you can cull out the infuser bassinet and ample it with your tea leaves (or a tea bag).

There are a few acceptable credibility and bad credibility about the Biking Buddy, which I accept categorical below.

The Positives

The infuser bassinet is addition above account of the Biking Buddy. If you’re acclimated to application tea leaves, these fit accurately in there; admitting you do accept to be accurate with oolong teas and any added tea that expands — there isn’t abundant allowance for expansion. I alone acclaim application it for atramentous teas and baby blade blooming teas, such as Longjing.

The infuser has tiny holes, which agency that actual few blade particles escape into the alcohol itself. It even works for rooibos teas, which are composed of tiny, needle-like leaves.

If you spiral the top and basal on accurately — and deeply — the Biking Buddy doesn’t leak. But amuse agenda that I’ve alone endemic it for about a month; sometimes, mugs alpha aperture afterwards a few months of use, as the cilia thins.

The Negatives

My above botheration with the Biking Buddy is that it is fabricated from attenuate plastic, which gets actual hot if you ample it with baking water. Because it doesn’t accept a handle, you accept to authority the mug itself. As a result, I acquisition myself cat-and-mouse till it’s cooled down absolutely a bit afore bubbler the tea.

Ironically, the attenuate artificial aswell releases the calefaction quicker than added mugs do. The tea stays hot for about 30 – 40 minutes.

One way of advantageous this would be to buy a Biking Buddy anorak as well, which would acquiesce you to blow it and aswell absorb the calefaction a bit better.

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